So here we are at this moment of a new presidential Administration. We have a 70-ish year old white guy running the country, with all that entails. He’s been around a while, but we still can be surprised by him.

Close behind is a woman whose name begins with K…

Neera Tanden came first. She had to withdraw her nomination to head the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) because some sensitive senators were concerned about her items she posted on Twitter.

Now it’s Vanita Gupta’s turn. Their crime: mean tweets.

It seems absurd these days that otherwise accomplished public…

By the end of February, the Russian government should invite the Trumps to visit Moscow. The trip would include a meeting with Vladimir Putin, some parties with various oligarchs, perhaps a side trip to St. Petersburg to see the Winter Palace in winter. It’s magnificent.

Oh, yes. The Russians should…

Armed demonstrators in Lansing, Michigan

Welcome to the Cupcake Rebellion, brought to you by Donald Trump.

Everybody likes cupcakes. What’s not to like? The frosting, almost a separate entity, can be thick and tasty and have an unlimited array of flavors and textures. The cake itself, moist and sweet, is a delight to the senses…

Rep. Abigail Spanberger

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has spoken. Yes, there was evidence that President Trump obstructed justice. No, it wasn’t my job to prosecute that because Justice Department guidelines don’t allow it. A non-judicial proceeding should do that.

The non-judicial proceeding, of course, is impeachment. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been driving…

Paying for the Green New Deal

Interviewer: You support the Green New Deal. How are you going to pay for it?

Politician: Why is it you never ask that of Republicans and conservatives? You never ask them how they will pay for a trillion-dollar tax cut. And if you do…

Art Brodsky

Communications consultant, recovering journalist

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